For the health and safety of our artists, patrons, and volunteers, The Auxiliary of NorthShore University HealthSystem has made the decision to cancel the American Craft Exposition (ACE) in 2020.
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The American Craft Exposition will be back in 2021 from
In the meantime, ACE is producing a series of virtual events titled ACE Artists: Face to Face.
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About the American Craft Expo
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The American Craft Exposition (ACE) is one of the country’s premier fine craft shows, bringing together over 140 superior artisans exhibiting one-of-a-kind pieces, luxury collections and uniquely creative, museum quality artwork.

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Tickets for ACE 2021 will become available in summer 2021.

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Proceeds benefit an initiative to protect and preserve maternal health at NorthShore University HealthSystem.

Artist Application
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Applications for the 2020 American Craft Exposition are now closed. Applications for 2021 will open December 2020.

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